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Practices areas

Practices areas











Corporate and Commercial

The Firm provides advice on various topics of current business. Its task is to identify risk factors and propose creative solutions.

It also offers comprehensive advice regarding the drafting, forms of compliance, termination or resolution of conflicts related to a wide range of commercial contracts among which we mention:

• Agency
• Purchase agreements
• Commercial concessions
• Distribution and Marketing
• Trust
• Financial trusts
• Export and Import
• Rental agreements
• Contracts for work and services
• Contracts for civil works
• Representation
• International transactions
• Advice on projects
• Contracts with services suppliers
• Guarantees and bonds
• Mortgage loans
• Life, health, liability, fire, product liability, professional malpractice and workers’ compensation insurance
• Management
• Franchising
• Leasing
• Factoring
• Underwriting


The Firm provides advice on:

• Shareholders’ agreements
• Investment agreements
• Stock syndication agreements
• Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation
• Registration and filing of documents before official registries.
• Application for and procurement of registrations and governmental permits
• Foreign capital Investment
• Representation in shareholders’ meetings
• Advice on the legal and regulatory framework
• Making-up of bidding groups and their relationship
• Identification of contingencies
• Drafting and negotiation of business cooperation agreements, joint ventures, consortiums, and non-associative business agreements
• Negotiation and drafting of stock or asset purchase contracts
• Corporate reorganization: corporate amalgamations or readjustments, merger and split-off, partial dissolution, liquidation, winding up and receivership
• Due diligence
• Advice on corporate conflicts

Real Estate and Construction

We have vast experience in advising:
• Malls, Shopping Centers
• Entertainment Centers
• Private neighborhoods
• Country Clubs
• Hotels
• Housing and Office Building Complexes
• Real Estate Trust
• Real Estate Closed-end Mutual Funds
• Industrial Parks
• Ports
• Civil works
• Industrial works
• Project finance

Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

• Lawsuit portfolios
• High complexity trials, civil or commercial or linked to public law, both at the federal and provincial levels and before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.
• Highly-complexity lawsuits
• Participation in international arbitration proceedings as umpires, party-appointed or expert counsels
• Participation in national and international arbitrations, as arbitrators, party lawyers or experts.
• Settlement of controversies through arbitration, mediation or alternative methods
• Enforcement of foreign and national arbitration awards

Public and Administrative Law

• Administrative contracts: concession of services or works.
• Analysis of regulatory framework
• Analysis of bidding terms and conditions
• Public – private associations and financing
• Drafting of tenders and assistance in public or private bidding process
• Relationship with principals and clients
• Administrative proceedings
• Claims (before the Administrative Agencies)
• Representation of companies in public and private biddings
• Environment: development and implementation of environmental policies
• Application for permits, filings and registrations
• Authorization of economic concentration processes
• Defenses and interpretation of remedies in case of eventual sanctions

Labor and Employment

• Labor affairs of companies, businesses and industries
• Labor and Social Security Audits
• Negotiation and drafting of labor contracts, collective bargaining agreements, social security plans, termination, etc.
• Reorganizations and restructuring, mass layoffs, voluntary retirement plans, crisis prevention programs and negotiations in all areas to implement reorganizations
• Prevention of disputes
• Labor reengineering and execution of settlements
• Representation before the Social Security authorities
• Judicial representation in individual conflicts
• Benefits to employees and alternative remuneration plans or incentives for executives and consultants (stock options)
• Termination of labor relationship of managers.
• Participation in company audits in cases of business fraud
• Disputes related to professional malpractice

Tax Law

• Overall tax advising
• Drafting and planning of tax strategies
• Assistance in national and international projects
• Analysis of mergers and reorganizations
• Judicial and administrative proceedings
• Advice on closures, inspections and charges.
• Tax litigation

Family Law and Successions

• Advice on national or foreign successions involving property in various countries
• Planning of the family estate
• Succession proceedings and out-of-court settlements
• Family companies

Banking and Insurance

• Negotiation of debt, including structuring and restructuring proceedings
• Trusts
• Debts recovery
• Representation of creditors in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings
• Bank regulatory frameworks: BCRA – SSN.
• Representation of insurance companies in administrative and judicial claims

Compliance & Anticorruption

• Design, development and implementation of Compliance Programs according to the specific needs of each organization.
• Preparation and / or updating of internal policies and procedures (codes of conduct, policy of interaction with officials, conflict of interest, reporting and internal investigation systems, etc.).
• Due diligence of related parties.
• Due diligence during a transformation, merger, absorption, spin-off or any other corporate restructuring process.
• Counseling and management of complaints and conflicting situations.