Paraguay 580 - Piso 3° (C1057AA7) - Buenos Aires – Argentina.


del Carril, Colombres, Vayo & Zavalía Lagos Abogados

The broad portfolio of clients of the Firm is composed of leading local and multinational companies, business chambers, construction companies, concessionaires of public works and services, companies of dredging and maintenance of navigable canals and rivers, road concessionaires, provision of drinking water and sewage drains concessionaires, of electricity generation infrastructure, road, concessionaires of waste collection and urban hygiene, of traffic lights and luminaires concessionaires, agricultural companies, real estate developers, shopping centers, malls, country clubs and private neighborhoods, architectural studies and professionals of the construction, urban and rural real estate, entertainment companies, gastronomic companies, IT services consultants, film exhibitors, advertising agencies, hotels, quality and service certification bodies, insurance companies, industrial companies and distributing networks, beauty and cosmetic companies, companies related to the health sector, non-profit associations, among others.

In addition, the Firm is characterized by having among its client’s countless physical persons who are advised on private enterprises, private investments, organization and estate planning, family matters, conflict resolution and corporate participation.